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Just The Normal Ish

Photo: Boys By Girls

Not too long ago while looking for someone to cover in a column I created at work called Up & Comers, I stumbled upon this super jiggy, superstar group of dudes who go by the name Justanorm. They’re a group of 6 BFF-izzles from the UK who all model and pursue creative endeavors from music to art to film. I’ve been following them for awhile now and wanted to share them on my blog because 1) black models get little exposure, and black MALE models get even less 2) I like cool shit and these dudes are ill.

Get familiar with the Justanorm boys over on StyleBlazer.


Nebraska Is Where The Heart Is


Don’t you hate it when you’re in  Paris and you just have TOO many shows to go to? Like, why would those bastard designers invite you to so many shows, I mean, you’re only one super-important person? Were Kanye and Kim not available? Amirite? Psh.

In the complete opposite reality of that aforementioned imaginary conundrum, this entire fashion month I’ve been sitting at my computer, eating pizza and simultaneously drooling at all the amazing crap that Paris is shitting out. I personally thought New York was a bit boring this season, I lowkey skipped over London, Milan goes without saying, but Paris – Paris is where the big dogs play. From Lanvin to Balmain to Dior, Paris is where we really see the cray designs.

It’s also where newcomers go to shine a little bit brighter just by having been affiliated with the city of love. Which is why one of the shows I was most interested in seeing was c/o Virgil Abloh and his brand OFFWHITE.



Quick rundown about Virgil: he’s Kanye’s stylist (surprise!), DJ, deigner for Pyrex Vision and dabbles with Been Trill, and he’s just an all-around dope dude to follow. His first women’s collection was debuted last season and was a mix of streetwear for the avant-garde set and menswear-inspired takes on classic women’s silhouettes. AKA IT WAS ALL ONE BIG JUXTAPOSITION. This time around for S/S ’15, Virgil did more of the same however he added a bit of a rural bohemian “runaway” vibe to go along with the line’s theme of “Nebraska.” I honestly would wear most items in the collection, however, nothing is really different from his last go-around. Although the collection is completely wearable and quite frankly, pretty damn ill, I like to see designers completely shift gears each season. But hey, with the kind of positive response Virgil received for F/W ’14, he probably hit the Kanye shrug and said, “It ain’t broke, bitches!”


The major question for Virgil; Why “Nebraska”? He answers this on his Instagram saying, “My premise as a designer is rooted in merging different world together. The women’s collection is entitled “Nebraska” which for me is a metaphor for “in the middle” Middle American collegiate school’s spirit.”

“The banana leaf I hand painted in Lake Como id meant to reference both the Beverly Hills Hotel and Paul Sevigny’s club, Paul’s Baby Grand. For me, this collection is typified by guys and girls who fir seamlessly into both environments. Same decor, vastly different behaviors. So the collection is about that middle ground.”

All photos from Virgil Abloh’s Instagram

nasty gal

1. Jennifer Loiselle Hands Off Earrings 2. Ryan Gosling Studs 3. Splice of Life Shades 5. Slime Crime Sequin Clutch 6. NCLA x Nasty Gal Seeing Eye Nail Wraps 7. HELLO Charm Bracelet  8. Here Kitty Ring 9. Eyes On You Bag 10. Sweet Grapefruit Bag

Betcha didn’t notice there wasn’t a number 4! It’s okay, neither did I. But you know what, it’s ok because I’m barely getting the hang of this Photoshop shit and Beyonce said we wake up flawless soooo….

Anyway! While perusing the nets on this fine and dreary Sunday evening, I decided to take my non-money having booty to the worst place on Earth to go when you’re broke. This edgy vortex of a poor fashion girl’s dreams is known as Nasty Gal and boy, did they have some cool shit in the accessories section.

Like this “HELLO” bracelet, which looks like its all I would ever need to catch me a man. Imagine me in the club, I spot a cute guy across the way who isn’t sure if he should approach or not – boom! I whip out my wrist which is properly bejeweled with this “HELLO” charm bracelet and I dangle it in his face. What self-respecting man would not come over to say “Hello” back? I can’t think of too many. Except for maybe Idris Elba, who is one of the few men whose coolness warrants much more than a jingle of my charm bracelet in his presence. Le sigh. Idris, what must I do for you to realize we were meant to be!

We’re getting off topic, but like many girls I luhhhhhh to online shop and I see a lot of cool shit, and even though I can’t always buy it, I sure can share so you guys can! We’re going to call this installment – Cool Shit I Found. 

Would you rock any of this? What cool shit have you found online? Sound off in dem comments!





I guess I should give a proper introduction to my new corner office on the web. Welcome to ANAYOTOTHE! I’m Anayo, clearly. And TOTHE is, well, who knows. Two things that inspired the title of this here blog: 1) I’m obsessed with Kanye West THEREFORE I troll the KanyeToThe Fan Forums and THEREFORE I’m openly admitting that I’m a die hard Kanye fan in 2014 THEREFORE I must clearly not have any sense, right? CLEARLY 2) My first name begins with the letter ‘A’ as well as my last name, so like to sometimes to think of my name as A to the second power. Like an exponent…I hate math. (Fun fact: I managed to get through my entire 4 years of higher learning at my so-called prestigious university by only taking one math class. Secondary education hack? I think so.)

Moving on, I just moved to NYC via the Bay Area and I figured it why not start a blog where I can document all the kooky happenings that the Big Apple has to offer? I’m a writer at heart and an observer by nature so it only seemed right.

One of my goals for 2014 is to broaden my presence in this world whether it be online or in real life. I’m gunning for both, though.

And with that, in the famous words of Chris “He-Once-Was-Fine-But-Turned-Out-To-Be-Crazy-However-His-Music-Still-Turns-Me-Up” Brown: