They See Me Roaming: My 2017 Travel Plans

One of the best things about travel planning is you get to be as imaginative as your mind allows. Think of your dream destination, next decide when and how long you’ll be there, and then begin to budget for your trip. That’s one way to do it.
Except that’s not how I plan my travel moves, like, at all. Nope, I’m cheap AF. Of course, I love to be whimsical and dreamy when thinking of where I’d like to go next, but the truth is not everyone can afford to travel that way. In fact, many people who travel often (at least 4-6 international & domestic trips a year) don’t. While that may sound drab, its actually really fun to travel this way! There’s a certain vigilance you need when chasing travel deals, glitches, and error-fares, and your lust for spontaneity must be constant. I never know where I’m heading next, and I always end up in the most unexpected, but dazzling places.  There is beauty in the unknown, and that’s how I like my travel to be.
With all that being said, I must admit this year was pretty planned (ha!).  I’m living the domestic life this year and sticking (for the most part) to the good ‘ol U.S.A. to fuel this year’s travel adventures. In any case, travel is travel. Whether you travel 60 miles for a quick roadtrip or 6000 miles across the globe, celebrate your moves! Some people have never left their hometowns, let alone their state, so cherish the privilege of being able to move freely whether you stay local or go abroad.

New York, NY

What better way to kickoff a new year of travel than in the one-and-only NYC? I was a  Brooklyn girl (*shouts BROOOOOOKLYNNNN!*) for a few years working in fashion and living the crazy, glamorous city life before I moved back to the Bay. My roommate and I took an impromptu weekend trip here in February because the flights were crazy cheap and it’s always a fun trip. It was FREEZING and we only had two days, so we were on the move like nobody’s business! We spent our short time stuffing our faces with great food, pretending we were under 23 to get student discounts at museums, and partying until 4 in the morning. No hotel lobbies were involved, but our Airbnb was popping with zZz’s at the end of it all.

Yucatan, Mexico

From the NYC cold, I flew right into the heat of Cancun. . This was the definition of a trip that I had no idea I was going to make this year. I found an unbelievably cheap deal from NYC to Cancun for only $150 roundtrip! So, I ditched my flight back home to San Francisco and flew to Mexico instead. I had planned on only staying for three days, but every single Cancun forum on Tripadvisor basically threatened that if you stayed in Cancun for any less than five days you’d regret it. Well, alright then. I stayed for six days and five nights and it was so relaxing. The beauty of solo trips is that you get to do what you want, when you want–no questions asked. I came back from this trip tanned (er, more black?), relaxed, and ready to kickass again at work.

Lake Tahoe, CA

I have a confession to make: I’m a born and raised Californian and have never been to Lake Tahoe. I know, I know, for shame! It’s just one of those places that is literally right there but you just never make it to. Thankfully this weekend I’ll be popping that cherry and will be a little Tahoe snow bunny for the weekend. My best friend is celebrating her birthday so a bunch of us rented a cabin, and will be skiing, falling on or asses snowboarding, and drinking all the hot cocoa for a cozy three days. I’m just praying that I come back with my feet still intact with the rest of the body because your girl doesn’t own snow-appropriate boots or clothing.


Las Vegas, NV

Another confession to make (I’m just full-on exposing secrets today, sheesh): I have only been to Las Vegas once. Say what? As a young gal who loves to party and lives a mere 2 hours away by plane from the party capital of the country, you would think I’d be in Vegas at least once a month. I’m not sure how that isn’t the case, but it’s true: I’ve only been to Vegas one time about six years ago. My other good friend is gathering the troops to descend upon Le Vegas for her birthday lituation next week. With less than a few days between this trip and my Tahoe trip, I’m just hoping the ice melts off my suitcase before I have to repack for HOT Vegas.

Philadelphia, PA & Boulder, CO

These aren’t really big trips but worth being mentioned. In April and May, respectively, I’m making two trips in support of my little brother. In April the family is heading to Philly for the NFL Draft where he’ll hopefully be drafted by one of his top teams. It’s super exciting, and on top of the draft, I’m mainly looking forward to sinking my teeth into an authentic Philly cheesteak. In May, we’re off to Colorado for his college graduation which I’m super proud to be witnessing. In the famous words of Drake, “the boy done growed up!”

Eurotrippin’ (Berlin, Paris, & Dublin)

If there was ever a time to visit Europe, this year would be it. There have been so many flight deals to all the major European cities that there really is no excuse to not go! I’m talking about round trip fares for $300-$400 on full-service airlines. Check sites like Airfarewatchdog and The Flight Deal for can’t miss deals! I’m trying to stop going to the same cities in Europe (although Rome and Paris will always be a stop) and expand my European palette. This time around my friends and I will be going to Berlin, Germany, Paris, France, and Dubin, Ireland for a 10-day romp. OK, I’ve already been to Paris but it was only for two days last time and I feel like that’s a straight up disrespectful amount of time to spend there. I’m not sure what’s on the agenda just yet, but spontaneity is number one.

New Orleans, LA

I’ve wanted to go to NOLA for SO long and it’s finally happening this year! I’m in a sorority (Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.), and my line sisters and I are planning  a line trip to New Orleans for ESSENCE Fest. We will be in full formation with doilies, ankara fabrics galore, and baby hairs on fleek. I’ve so many good things about this little city and I can’t wait to experience the creole magic city I’ve heard so much about.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

In 2015, four of my friends took a trip to Jamaica. Since then, nothing has been the same. There isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t hear about all the fun they had on their trip (so much so that I feel like I was there), and there isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t want to muzzle one of them for talking about it so much. But, I get it. There’s certain destinations you go to that are simply life-changing and you just can’t wait until the next time you get to go and experience the magic allover again. They’re going again this year and I decided to tag along to see what all the hype was about. In the travel groups I frequent, Jamaica is always a place that comes up as a transformative type of place, especially for American black women. While I’m mainly calculating all the ackee fish, buss up shots, and jerk chicken my body can handle, I can’t wait for the beach, parties, and of course, those infamous Jamaican men.


That takes me through July. Where I’ll be going after that? Who knows! I hope you guys have a travel-filled year!

What are your 2017 travel plans? Any place in particular you’re super excited to go to? Let’s chat in the comments!

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